About the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy

The beginning of a wonderful new Academy
Helen O’Grady opened the initial Helen O’Grady Children’s Drama Academy in Perth, Australia, in 1979. She is the originator of the acclaimed Helen O’Grady Drama System, which is now used in some 30 countries.

Honorary Fellowship
In September 2003, Trinity College, London, one of the largest and best known institutions of its kind in the world, recognised Helen’s unique achievements by giving her an honorary Fellowship (F.T.C.L.)

A word from Helen O’Grady herself:
I am inspired by the power of the unique, developmental drama programme to influence and empower children of many races and cultures. ......
Through the programme thousands and thousands of young people find their voice, generate self-belief, become generous participants in life and experience much fun and fulfilment along the way

Over the years many hundreds of thousands of students have enjoyed the Helen O'Grady experience. Ensure your child joins them by contacting your nearest Principal to have a friendly, obligation-free chat.