Drama Skills


The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy exposes all students to many of the underlying skills and techniques required in the School Drama Curriculum, as a matter of course. At each session the techniques are developed, polished and ingrained in a fun context. Over time these practices ensure that students have a strong platform to negotiate the curriculum requirements in respect of presentation and performance. Students become well able to undertake auditions, if becoming an actor is an abiding purpose.

Our program complements the State Curricula in many practical respects.

The Draft National Curriculum http://www.acara.edu.au/verve/_resources/Draft_Arts_Curriculum_22_February_2013.pdf is a good reference for comparison of the skills encouraged in our Studios.
(see below for drams skills)

  • We focus on voice and movement training
  • We work on presence and energy 
  • We nurture expressive skills
  • We encourage improvisation and ad lib activity at each session
  • We ensure students work in an ‘ensemble’ environment

As students progress, they are exposed to the Language of Drama and Theatrical Conventions (‘tricks of the trade’ ) such as the use of Freeze Frames, split focus, mime, exaggerated movement, caricature, vocal chorus work and some song.Theatre Styles and stagecraft are introduced at the Youth levelMonologue work is a strong feature in the Youth Program.


  • Collaboration and teamwork 
  • Applying principles of design 
  • Interpreting texts, devising and developing scripts 


  • Voice – dynamic variation in loudness/softness; pace of speaking; use of pause; pitch appropriate to role, character and dramatic action
  • Movement – dynamic variation in posture, facial expression; movement using weight, space, time and 
  • energy appropriate to role, character and dramatic action 


  • Dramatic playing 
  • Role playing 
  • Improvising 
  • Play building/devising 
  • Interpreting scripts 
  • Rehearsing and directing, 
  • Responding to drama as audience

From Draft Arts Curriculum 2013